The Skincare Edit: Speedy Facials Ft Magnitone London

You know me, I love a good pamper. I try to take as good care of my skin as I can. But I'm human, and there are some days when I really truly can't be assed with a full on routine.
So I feel like I have managed to narrow down my speedy skincare routine down to the few quick essentials that I need for a happy skin day!

To start with I have to cleanse, which is my least favourite part of my routine. I do however love using the Nuxe Cleansing Oil as it doesn't leave my skin feeling as stripped when I remove my maekup.

It's even better when used with the Magitone Cleansing brush which helps speed up my cleansing routine and provides deeper exfoliation for even better skin texture and brightness.

Once I have finished cleansing then its time for a quick exfoliation, for which I love using the Pixi Peel & Polish, which gives the best glow to my skin.

What I love about the Magnitone Cleansing Brush is that it cleans my skin effectively than other brushes I've tried, and it doesn't scratch my skin into an oblivion.

With it's interchangeable brush heads and its gentle vibrating speeds, this brush is a breath of fresh air for all of us sensitive skin ladies.

It's definitely one for the bucket list!

And finally when I really can't be bothered with faffing about with various different moisturisers, I just slap on a little of the Filorga NCTF-Essence which hydrates my skin magically but is light enough for a fast routine.

So that really is it. It's quick, it's simple and it's so easy to do that it takes me no longer that 5-7mins. About the same amount of time to make a good brew and settle in for the night.

And with that I'm going to make a brew...


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  2. I've heard good things about this nuxe micellaire product. Going on my wish list now!