The Travel Edit: 24 Hours in Edinburgh!

I can't say that my knowledge of the capital is extensive. As a devout east-coster - albeit of the Fife variety - I should be more clued up on our capital city.

I've taken many trips as a kid, mainly to the zoo with my mum and to the National Galleries, which for a collective art lover like me, you couldn't drag me out of there as a kid!

But as an adult, I have more of a desire to explore the hidden gems that I couldn't as a child. Mainly because underage drinking is frowned upon in many places, even in Scotland! Not that I'd indulge in such an activity...

Being in Glasgow is great. I do love my adopted hometown. But being in Edinburgh, as someone who doesn't live there, is extremely magic!

Stepping away from the typical shopping destinations and the hubbub of the city, we opted for a hotel in the old part of the town, right on the Royal Mile.

The Radisson in Edinburgh was just exactly what we were looking for. A rustic grand exterior, with a modern relaxing vibe that was the perfect destination that we were after.

Our room was stunning. It had one of the best views over the Royal Mile that I've ever seen. And we were lucky that the Fringe was on when we were there, so we had plenty to see!

As if we weren't already spoiled by our room, I hopped down to the salon to treat myself to a pedicure while my boyfriend took advantage of having control of the TV for once!

The spa itself was stunning, it was so calm and relaxing! My pedi was amazing, although I'll spare you the photos of my feet!

After being treated to the spa we headed up the lounge area for some afternoon tea. This was unlike anything we've ever had before and the team was so lovely to accommodate our requirements!

I mean can you look at how good that looks? It was amazing! It was certainly different to any afternoon tea that we have ever had and it was a welcome change!

I was honestly so sad to leave the hotel, wishing I could have spent just another night there, it was such a fun and relaxing trip for both me and my boyfriend - who after finishing serious work projects, it was very nice to look forward to!

We also went to Dine for dinner, but my review for that will come later for that. Check back here at the end of the week to see inside the restaurant and how stunning the food was!

Thanks so much to the team at the Radisson for being so attentive and welcoming to Edinburgh - We most certainly will be back!


  1. It all looks so good! I love staying in Edinburgh, its so beautiful! Love how they left you irn bru too! So cool :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Looks amazing! And This Works in the bathroom (WOW). We stayed at The Glasshouse, Edinburgh and it really felt like a night away (even though we live here). Loved the balcony for people watching! Afternoon tea looks really good.

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