The Blogger Edit: Finding The Right Image With Gallerist

Being a blogger is really tough. And I don't say that often. It can be really hard to spend ages taking the right image, only to edit it later and hate it altogether. And then to add insult to injury, you post said image and someone come along and steals it without your consent. It can be a nightmare.

I have been in this game just long of 6 years now. And I'm happy to say that all images on my blog. Instagram and other social media, were all produced by me unless I've stated so (i.e my guest bloggers or brand images). But what do we do with them once they have been posted? Think of all the time and effort that you've put into that picture, surely you'd want something back?

I like to think of myself as an amateur photographer. When times were tough financially in uni, I'd sell some pictures that I'd have taken on my DSLR and sold them to various brands and professionals. I won't hide that fact. Just like a busker you'd see on the street, or an artist selling their work, I too, realized I had a talent for photography, so I made a little business out of it to get myself through uni the first time round.

Now I know that might sound scary or you might like the idea but have no idea where to start. I found this app, Gallerist. Which I wish I had back in the day to sell my images as it makes it 10x easier!

Gallerist is an app that lets you buy and sell original shots. On one hand, it's a showcase where you can upload your photos, graphic art or illustrations and put them up for sale at a set price or through an auction. On the other, it's a visual marketplace where you can find original photos to use for your projects or launch a call for the creation of the image you're looking for. Gallerist isn't just a marketplace but also a community where you can come in contact with the people taking the photos or buyers of images, who all share the same passion for great original content.

For me, it's been a godsend. I have all the rights to my images and you're damn right I want to earn a little through my hard work and talent. Who wouldn't? I love that I can easily upload my pictures that I find of a higher quality or that I'm not using for my brand, and let someone else benefit from my talent.

On the flip side of that, maybe you are looking for the perfect image. You don't want to use a boring, generic stock image. You want fun and beautiful high-quality images that you know was taken by a person just like you or me, and in a way supporting a local business. It's a win-win!

I personally think that Gallerist is one of the most beautiful apps that provide user-generated content. With a whole world of us on social media and the majority of us own a smartphone, there is an endless world of possibilities to earn money with your talent.

Who knows, that picture of your avocado on toast may just make you a pretty dollar!

Follow Gallerist on Facebook here, and don't forget to check out the app on the App Store, or on Android.

*all images in this post were provided vis Gallerist. Sponsored post. 


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