The Fashion Edit: How To Care For Designer Clothes

Fashion is a fickle friend. We all know that as we get older we should be investing in more sustainable and higher quality items. But that always comes with a price. And a hefty dry cleaning bill.

I've never been a lover of fast fashion. And let's be honest, it's never been a lover of me. With my tall frame and my bigger booty, I've never fallen in love with the trend pieces nor the cheaper retailers. Yes sure, I will indulge in the odd ripped jeans and the logo shirts of the trends here and there, but as for my staples, you can be sure I'm making them last and last in my wardrobe.

When hit collections like the iconic Victoria Beckham range hit Target, we saw a new age of women looking for the hybrid between the high street hero brands and the luxe high-end designers. And with it came a new wave of brands looking at higher quality items for the discerning clients.

But with the higher quality materials, the richer fabrics and the more expensive materials, comes a high maintenance caring regime, and I honey, just ain't got time fo that.

This is where the good ol' DIY comes in. I don't have the time to send my clothes to the drycleaners every week, nor do I have the patience! Which is where we decided that it was time to invest in a good, all singing and all dancing washing machine/tumble dryer. And trust me when I say, it changed the game for me.

For everyone asking, this is the one we went for.

Now for us, we had to have a washer/dryer. With my constant busy schedule, a muddy dog and the constant "where's my jeans" act, it was imperative for us to have a quick drying machine that could make our lives that little easier.

So I hear you crying "no don't put designer clothes in the dryer!" and it's okay girl. I got you. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you in a pinch!

Get yourself a garment bag!

Trust me when I say this - a garment bag (or in my case bags) will change how you do washing forever. Bras, delicates, lacy knickers that always bobble in the wash? Stick em in the bag, they get clean, they get dry and they keep their shape for longer, plus they don't bobble nor have the horrid snagged threads.

Put dresses in a pillowcase!

This is a trick I have used for a long time. If you have a dress that has beading, or a fancy blouse with complicated embroidery, putting it inside a pillowcase is a surefire way to make sure it doesn't snag or burst the delicate threads, and keeps it looking newer for longer. Plus you're washing a pillowcase too - win win!

Turn it down looooooow! 

When drying expensive clothes, turning down the heat is a good way to stop shrinkage. Yes, it may take a little longer, but if you have the time, it's the best way to keep clothes from shrinking to the size of your toddlers! Using dryer sheets and the odd static catcher will also help the cause, but the best way to dry a really expensive garment it to keep it low and keep it slow!

So that is my hacks for caring for my designer items, they might not be the most glam, but they for sure save you serious dollars on that dry cleaning bill, to save for more clothes obviously! 

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