The Beauty Edit: Relaxation From L'Aromatherapy

Every now and then we all need to look after our bodies. We can eat all the kale and spinach in the world, drink 6 gallons of water a day and never leave the house without sunscreen, plus do 600 hours of yoga a week but sometimes we still need an aid to help us fell and look better.

I always believe in the art of facials and massages. As you all know, I love my skincare and body care, and I always go for regular facials. But massages and treatments are where I really feel I need to spend the time to treat myself to.

One of my favorite developments in the skincare & wellbeing industry is the new wave of clay wraps. I believe that clay is one of the most underrated products in the beauty world, it draws toxins, improves skin texture and gently exfoliates to reveal glowing radiant skin.

Recently I was invited to the luxury spa that is L'Aromatherapy, on West Regent St in Glasgow. A stunning spa with one of the most educated and dedicated therapists I've ever come across. She specializes in aromatherapy, sports massage, reflexology, spray tanning, body scrubs and contour body wraps.

Her body wraps are what are particularly interesting. She uses natural kaolin clay to detox and absorb excess fluid from the body, enhancing the skins natural tone, vibrancy and complexion. Temporary inch loss is possible due to the detox process which is also a bonus. Body wraps are left on for 45 mins, enjoy a facial, foot massage or hand and arm massage while the clays are working.

She then will add essential oils to the clay and also for the massage afterwards to add beneficial properties to the treatment. The blend I had for my massage was frankincense, juniperberry and geraniumm, and it smelled incredible!

The wraps are great for those with lupus and low blood pressure - which I have both of. Juniperberry is a detox oil so helps extract excess fluid from the body, frankincense reduces inflammation, reduces headaches cools irritated skin, calms your breathing, geranium boosts circulation - and the benefits work straight away!

After taking the wrap off and removing the clay using hot towels a full body massage then helps you drift into a deeper state of calm, encourages blood flow and helps release all the toxins from your body - which is ideal after one of my most stressful weeks! 

Lyndsay is one of the most talented therapists in Glasgow and I would highly recommend her for any form of massage and or treatment - with the clay wrap being the one I'd recommend for sure! If you are planning on giving her a visit, then check out her social media and see just how fantastic she is!

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  1. Ooooh sounds really good! I get regular massages as I am on my feet all day and carry a lot of tension in my back after doing makeups. Never tried these clay wraps, but I am certainly going to look into them now.