The Life Edit: Spooky Goings on With B&M

It's the big day tomorrow. Nope not the C-Word! It's Halloween! And if you are anything like me, you'll be all ready for the tricksters and treaters to come knocking at your door. Cause let's face it, we were all a little too partied out at the weekend!
This year I went a little further than normal and threw a little Halloween bash. And I was thankful to have the help of B&M this time round!

Now I personally hate spending money on decor that I only use one day of the year, so I wasn't going to spend all my hard earned dollars on one day - this was no Heidi Klum style party you guys!

But this year with the help of B&M I was challenged to get my party decor for £20. Twenty whole quid. And I was up for the challenge.

Now my first port of call was getting my pumpkin which I got and painted it gold. Which took 4 whole hours and the help of my mother (I swear that woman can make any pumpkin Cinderella worthy!), so that was sorted.

But when it came to decor, I needed a tablecloth, some lights and the all important costume for my pup. Because that was the goal. And I ended up with two.

And I managed to get everything I needed! I did pick up a few other bits for the big day, but as far as our party went, it was a massive success!

And of course, look how cute the pup is!

So if you are looking for some last min bits for the big day tomorrow, give B&M a look, you'll certainly find some great items for less!

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