The Life Edit: Talking TV with Three

Who doesn't love a good binge? Especially at this time of year when it's getting darker, colder and you've got more of an excuse to snuggle up on the sofa with some snacks and a good TV show to watch until dawn.

Me and my boyfriend are seasoned veterans when it comes to box sets and streaming online, but I must admit, no matter how or what we use to watch it, it eats up so much data!

Sure you can always wait until you get home to catch up on your favourite show but why should you?

Why should we be chained to our data and limit our usage?

Not anymore! This October Three UK is launching the 'Binge Club', an online community that brings online audiences together to discuss their favourite shows live. Three allow customers to stream content on their phones without using up their data allowance through apps such as Netflix, TV Player, Deezer and Soundcloud as part of their #GoBinge offering, the Binge Club has been established to celebrate that. That's right, you heard it, it uses 0 of your data a month!

How amazing is that?

The first episode of Binge Club will be centred around the new season of Stranger Things this Halloween. Which if you are like me then you love a good binge session, so you can head over to the official Facebook page to be challenged to take part in the Binge Club where we will be watching the first half of the season within the first 72 hours and you can join in and discuss.

And of course, it uses none of your data at all! Are you interested? Want to come binge with me?

Find us over on the official Facebook page and to find out more click here!


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