The Beauty Edit: No Make-up, Makeup with Glossier

Okay, I think we have all calmed down now that Glossier has arrived in the UK. It took it's sweet ass time, but its here and you can bet that your girl here is primed and ready to place more than one order come payday!
I believe the hype. Glossier is one of they brands that I just knew I'd fall in love with as soon as I saw the packaging. And I did. Real hard.

So when it announced that they were launching/shipping to the UK after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, so many of us rushed to the website, handed over our credit cards and said hello to maxing our limits. Just me?

I was lucky enough to receive some bits before they sold out and I knew that I was going to be impressed. Just not as impressed as I was!

For starters, Glossier is not one of the brands you will flock to for high coverage, bold colours and makeup to make a statement.

Glossier is a very natural brand that focuses on skin and enhancing your natural features. So nothing with be super high coverage, nor will it be in your face, but you can ensure it will be life changing. That is all.

To start with, I fell in love with their base products. The skin tint is one of the best ways to add dewiness, glow and make your skin look super healthy. The only problem I had with it and the other colours was that there aren't enough shades. I had medium for all of the products and they were all too light, which the next step up is dark, which I know will be too dark for me. So if they sort out the colours then it will be a winner!

My star products are for sure the boy brow and the balm dot com. Again the brown is too light for me in the boy brow, so when I make my own order I will be going for black. But that doesn't deter from the fact that its a great product for supermodel worthy brows, and so long as I use it when my brows are needing a tint, I'll be fine!

The balm dot com is another sellout for me. I completely love it. It's so useful for my dry lips and really dry areas of my skin. Plus the minty smell is easily one of the best smelling things I own!

All in all I've loved everything so far from Glossier, so I'm for sure going to pick up some more bits come payday (Milky Jelly Cleanser I'm coming for you!) so be sure to check back here to see some more!

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