The Gift Edit: Finding the Best Gift With VVA By Sarah Haran

You guys all know by now that VVA By Sarah Haran is one of my favorite brands and discoveries of 2017. I'm a handbag addict and its the dream collab to have for me in my blogging career.

Which is no surprise that after nearly a whole year of promoting the brand, there's been a lot of interest from you guys over what style of VVA bag I have with me. So for my special one-off gift guide this year, I've decided to do it all on VVA by Sarah Haran, and it's going to be a bumper one!

So if you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or looking for the big blowout gift for that special someone, this is the gift guide for you!

Ps. VVA by Sarah Haran also have an up to 70% off sale ends soon! So get these while you can!

Gifts For Girly Girls 

If your loved one is anything like me then pink and sparkles are the way to go. No joke, if it's sparkly or got stars on it, I'll buy it!

There are so many girly options for the perfect gift at VVA, here are my faves linked from left to right as seen in the picture:

Gold Lily Pouch: £80.50 reduced from £115 - 30% off
Pink Lily Pouch: £72.00 reduced from £120 - 40% off
Silver Lily Pouch: £80.50 reduced from £115 - 30% off
Pink Pom Pom: £43.00
Berry Dahlia Bag: £297.00 reduced from £495 - 40% off
Floral Lily Pouch: £32.40 reduced from £108 - 70% off
Gold Tassel: £30
Pink Tassel: £11
Silver Tassel: £30

For the Animal Print Lover

I think it's no secret now that everyone knows my favourite print that VVA do is the leopard print. I'm never without my leopard print Ivy! I take it to meetings, to parties, out shopping and it's even going to be with me for a ball this weekend! So if you know a good ol' print lover like me, then here are my faves!

Ivy Leopard Print Pouch: £90.00 reduced from £150.00 - 40% off
Animal Print Bag Strap: £25
Lily Giraffe Print Pouch: £64.80 reduced from £108.00 - 40% off
Ivy Spot Print Pouch: £84.00 reduced from £140.00 - 40% off

For The Classy Lady

One thing that you all know that VVA do so well is the bags that stand the test of time. Their elegant structures met with clean lines and classic colours are why it's a firm fave for busy mums and businesswomen alike. And while I do love an animal print and a bit of sparkle every now and then, you'll always find me lusting over these designs, especially the new Daisy. It's easily my new fave! 

Dahlia Bag in Black: £285.00 reduced from £475.00 - 40% off
Dahlia Bag in Sand: £285.00 reduced from £475.00 - 40% off

For the Colour Lover

We all know that friend who just loves colour. And while we are all wearing black from head to toe, she's always sporting an outfit as colourful as her personality. We have some stunning options here from the super colourful to the more muted shades, easily fitted into anyone's wardrobe! 

Lily Blue Pouch: £64.80 reduced from £108.00 - 40% off
Ivy Khaki Pouch: £60.00 reduced from £120 - 50% off
Ivy Stingray Pouch: £84.00 reduced from £140 - 40% off 

Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves a good stocking filler. I actually love making my loved ones stockings more than the actual gifts sometimes! But I just love Christmas in general so Buddy the elf over here gets excited over everything! Here's a few stocking stuffers under £45 that will be sure to make your loved ones smile! 

Red Tassel: £28

Happy gifting! 

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