Brand Focus: High Definition Beauty

In my last brand focus for this year, I wanted to share my love for one of my favorite brands that has shook my world in 2017, and you know it, it is of course, High Definition Beauty.
As some of you may know, I was invited to the Look awards this year with HD Beauty, and while this wasn't my first brush with the company, it was the first time I'd jump head first into their cosmetics and products.

Way back when I worked in retail, I worked across from an HD beauty stand in my local shopping center. On our lunch breaks, we'd go get our eyebrows done and we'd let them try on some of our stock in exchange. This was way back when, so if my old boss is reading - hey!

I always had a soft spot for the brand. Mainly because the HD girls would save our behinds when we were getting ready for a night out, but also because they didn't want to overpluck my massive brows.

Again, this was pre-Cara Delevingne, so I wasn't praised to high heavens for my bushy brows yet, I was a mere werewolf in most people's eyes.

They taught me how to do my eyebrows like I should have done. I mean, I was like 18/19 and just figured out that not only can you change the look of your eyebrows, but you had specific, makeup products for that too. I know. Crazy.

So fast forward to May 2017 and I'm sitting in a room in the Raddison in Glasgow, patiently waiting to get my makeup done and wondering if the dress I had hanging up in the wardrobe was all but just a mere dream I'd made up in a flash. I was being asked by one of the makeup artists what I'd like to go for. Now as a 20 something-year-old that's attended 1000s of events, I have never once had my makeup done. Never. So I was the master of my own face. I knew my undertones, my skin issues, my dry patches and my oily T-zone, and by God I was nervous to let someone take control of something that I was so uncomfortable with.

But I needn't have had to have worried. Thier makeup artist knew exactly what I wanted (even though I don't think I gave her a barely coherent sentence to work with) and transformed this Cinderella into a ball-ready queen.

I truly couldn't understand what she had done to my face to make it so flawless, even and glowing.

Turns out it was a face 95% full of HD beauty products.

If you want to see the finished look and see more about my night with HD Beauty then click here to read the blog post!

So yes, HD Beauty was the secret to my glowing skin. And to get this Tom Ford addict to even look at another brand was hard, but that glow made me convert.

And it's that glow that I have in mind when picking out my fave products from the brand.

My ultimate fave was the Glow Stick, a subtle pink/gold highlight that I cover my face in everyday. No I'm not kidding. This product is my secret to having the perfect barely there glow and works in so well with my natural look that I go for.

And my second favorite is the Fluid Foundation, there's just something about it that makes my skin look flawless. It's super high coverage but so lightweight, and makes my skin glow!

So with that in mind, have a look at some of thier stand out products below and make sure to show me your discoveries from HD Beauty on Instagram @thewednesdayedit & @highdefinition_beauty


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