The Christmas Edit: The 2017 Gift Guide

I love Christmas. I've said it before and I will shout it to everyone, I'm Buddy the Elf. And as much as I love Christmas and the festivities that follow it, it's the gifting that I enjoy the most. There is nothing better than seeing my loved ones shriek and "oh no you shouldn't have" when they open their gifts, because really, they have done so much for me over the years, and especially this year, I love just giving them something special to say thanks!
So if you are looking for some gift inspo, or just looking to treat yourself (hey, I won't judge) then this gift guide is for you! From beauty lovers to the guys, to kids and mums alike, I've got you covered!

Hot chocolate in hand? Buble on repeat? It's Christmas time baby!

For the Beauty Lover 

The beauty lover. Easily the hardest person to buy for. They own all of the latest products and are so over the Kylie Lip Kits like they were so 2016. They know a good product when they see one, so how can you impress them?

Well, as an aforementioned beauty lover myself, I have your back here. I've listed a bunch of my fave products as well as some on my dream list for you to shop. Just click on the arrow on the right to see more of them!

For the Magpie

You know them well. One second you are talking to them about the latest episode of Stranger Things, and the next you know, they have vanished, only to find them peering in the window of the nearest jewelry store, drooling at the "shiny shinies".

You know that they always appreciate a good bit of jewelry, and here are some of my absolute faves!

For the Fashionista

She knew about what Meghan Markle was wearing, like two weeks ago. She always looks on point, even in jeans and a shirt. You marvel at how good she always looks even when she says "oh this? I just threw it on", when you know that if you just "threw" something on you'd be wearing last night's knickers, your pyjama bottoms, and your boyfriend's t-shirt, like it was deliberate. Or the postman caught you off guard. Like me.

So with the help of some actual real life style icons (ahem, my blogger friends), here's some items that I've fallen in love with that I know your stylish friends will go "gaga" over!

Your welcome. 

For your Mumma

She's your rock. Your shining star. And she'll always be your biggest fan. So why is she so hard to buy for? She has everything she wants in you and would never ask for anything, which makes it so hard to find something that is perfect!
So my list is made with my mum in mind, and also the different kinds of mums that I know. As we all know by now, every mum is different and every mum is special.

For the Lads

He has everything and no matter how many new belts you buy him, he always wears the same one he's has since he was 18. He'll never ask you for anything, and when you do ask he'll say "nothing".
So we always have to get creative. I'll help you out, here's my faves!

For the Kiddos

Kids are in my opinion the easiest to buy for. If you know the style that their parents choose for their kids, then it's plain sailing from there. From glittery wellies to cute cuddly toys, there's something for every cool kid!

Under £25

Looking for a secret Santa or a stocking filler? Here's a list of cool gift under £25 that will for sure put a smile on your loved ones faces

The Luxe Gifts

Everyone loves a super luxe gift a Christmas. So if you are looking to spoil your loved one, then I've got my edit of the best luxe gifts to give this year!

The Gifts They'd Love But Would Never Buy

You know how it is. They tell you how much they love a certain item, but they'd never buy it for themselves as it's "too much of a treat". Christmas is the perfect time to treat a loved one, and here are some gifts I'm sure they'd love!

My Fave Brands

Looking for something a little bit more special? Here's four of my favourite brands that you should for sure shop with this year - as you would have all seen I'm a massive fan of these brands that I have worked with this year, and I'd love to see them do amazingly well!

Holly Silver Jewellery 

VVA by Sarah Haran

Maggie Makes

Daisy Blue Candles


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