The Christmas Edit: My "Christmas" Wishlist 2017

Santa, I've been a very, very good girl this year. Oh, wait. Yeah, I have, kinda. After the year I've had with its major highs and some equally spectacular lows,  so to go out with a bang this year I'm going all out this year with Christmas and the celebrations. Which, if you deen my gift guide last night, you'll have a sneak peek into what I'm treating my loved ones with this year.
So after last night's gift guide went live, so many of you were asking what my wishlist would be. And I have a rule of thumb that I always obey by: I NEVER ask for anything at Christmas/Birthdays/etc. I just don't. I find the whole asking for something really tacky and awkward. 

Which is why I never have a "Christmas List". I have a "Sh*t I'll treat my goddamn self to in the New Year list". So that's what this list is. It's a collection of items that I've fallen in love with this year that I've either thought about buying or will be for sure buying in the New Year. Some are attainable, some at to achieve to buy by this time next year (looking at you Givenchy Antigona bag girl!), and some are just a bit of fun that I think are cool to look at. 

So make of this what you will, as I said, I never make lists but after so many of you messaged me I thought it was about time I'd have a little fun on my blog and share with you my most loved items this year.


Handbags & Small Leather Goods


Beauty Products

Clothing & Accessories 

Homeware & Miscellaneous 


  1. Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper Manufacturer
    Generally, there are two ways to cook a Coffee Tamper. One is to first put the coffee powder into the funnel, and then add water into the pot. Then, put the funnel nozzle into the mouth of the pot tightly, and boil the water. Once the coffee is back in the pot, pour it out of the funnel. The other is to boil the water first, wait for the water to enter the pot, then pour the coffee powder into the pot, stir and soak for about 40~60 seconds, put out the heating appliance, wait for the coffee to flow back to the pot, and then pour the coffee out of the funnel for drinking.

  2. OEM Pool slides
    Pool slides's heel is empty completely, have toe in front only, it is flat bottom more, material often is quite light soft leather material, plastic, cloth to wait. Slippers are classified according to the occasion and performance. Beach slippers, for example, are not made of cloth, but of plastic, which is designed to be waterproof and easy to clean, and the toe shape is specially designed, often called flip-flops, which we call flip-flops. But the indoor slipper of winter, it is to keep warm, the likelihood uses fluff cloth, and do not use plastic, make people better enjoy inside the bedroom.