The Live Edit: Feeling Positive with The Secret Warehouse

Positivity is something I've always had an in and out of love relationship with my own inner wellness. As I've explained before, I've always been a little bit of a worrier. Since I was a little kid I was always the one who asked "why" and "how" and "if this, then that" type questions. I read so many books, books that were probably too advanced for an under ten-year-old kid. I wanted to know how the world worked, and why it's people reacted in ways that they did.

My mother could barely keep up with my questions, and god knows how she managed to fund my thirst for knowledge. I would research everything and question every answer.
But with this thirst for knowledge does come power. And power in the sense of a ten-year-old kid having an extensive knowledge of quantum theory, psychology and even the odd snippet of politics. And when I say extensive, any knowledge in these areas for a ten-year-old is, as you can all agree, extensive. 

But the power of finding out they why's and why not's of this world at a young age played on my already exuberant anxiety I had developed as a six-year-old. I became anxious that I couldn't understand the answers I found out (and in all honesty, I should have, because a kid should not know the answers to the biggest questions in this world to rob our innocence.) I couldn't understand how the dimensions of people posed such awful consequences when they collided in an opposing fashion. 

So when faced with a world of turmoil and multiple facets, and when you're a deep thinking kid, things pile up and you begin to worry and lose positivity. 

I remember the day I was handed a cool, smooth and highly tactile chunk of rose quartz by my grandmother around the same time. I was so worried about my parents divorcing, worried about life and worried about what was going to happen. So when she handed it to me and placed it in my tiny chubby palm, I felt an instant coolness and overall sense of calm. 

Running my fingers over the cool stone's edge, I felt my fingertips tingle with relaxation and calm. My gran closed over my palm and enveloped the quartz in my hand, and told me to always keep it in my pocket for when it gets too much. And for a kid that suffered daily panic attacks, it was always too much.

And from my granny, the woman who was always so fiercely protective of me, and who I loved and respected more than anyone or anything on the planet, this meant the world to me. It was my literal rock. 

It became my coping tool, a training object that I used to focus my energy on. And even though it may have been a placebo, it worked for me.


With that story in mind, you can imagine my total surprise when I found a company that harnessed the values that I grew up with and developed it into tangible products for adults and most importantly, for children also. 

The Secret Warehouse is a company that focuses on positivity and the laws of attraction and uses these as key teaching moments for kids and grow-ups alike. With using the novel idea of products to physically channel good energy through and carry it into your daily life is something I was so interested in trying. And some of them are a total genius set of ideas!

By using tangible products to channel your energy is such a clever concept for children to understand how feeling and emotions work, and how they can control them.

But also using these valuable teaching moments to promote positivity and stronger values. As I said, I think its genius.

From power pens, to give you Beyoncé style confidence, to positivity rocks that harness the values of strong leadership and positivity, and my favourite being the package of love, which helps children (and adults) understand the value of love, kindness and gratitude and how to channel it.

I personally love these products as an adult who is making a conscious effort to be a better human in every aspect of my life and using it to influence others, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is either going through the same thing or looking for tools to teach children the values of life.

I think that it is such a valuable lesson for every human, young or old to learn. And brilliant companies like The Secret Warehouse are leading the way for the change, a change we should all embark on. 


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