This Woman Did.

This Woman Did

Women conquered fear, oppression and inequality to achieve their goals and inspire others. 

This woman did is for those women who feel the pressure of “you must” “You can” and “you will” and changes the message into “you did” to celebrate the achievements that have been accomplished by women in order to change the world.

We are always aware that we can do better, but what happens to the work we have already done? Where is the celebration for the gains we have already made? Where is the applause for the successes that we struggled for years to achieve. 

We all know the pressures of life. Motherhood. Relationships. Friendships. Careers. Finances. Social lives. Heck, even drinking enough water in the day is hard. We see the perfect lives of consumerism that we aspire to be. And this guilt of being a woman follows us through to the most trivial subjects. How much kale we eat? Do we drink to much wine? Did we really need that new dress? Did we really say that? The list goes on. 

We face the realities of life by balancing the worlds problems on our shoulders, and we only are critiqued for what we didn’t do. We are only noticed when we didn’t jump through the high hoops of society. Why is that? Why are we only in the spotlight when we are being tore apart? Did you see what we have just came through? 

We are tired. We are frustrated. But we are living. Right in this moment. Right now. 

We look at the world around us and see despair and we wonder why no one is helping. We saw Jacinda Ardem tore to shreds for daring to gift a proverbial olive branch to the Muslim community of New Zealand, cradling a mother in her arms who lost her child in a terrorist attack, crying for the victims of yet another inhumane crime. We saw a woman in her most vulnerable state, showing the rest of the world how humanity really works, foregoing the “thoughts and prayers” of yesteryears and actually doing something. She ended that rights to bare arms for her country to prevent another horrendous attack. She did more than the world leaders had done in years. That woman did. 

We constantly see HRH The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle in the papers blasted by journalists over her activism, her words and even her style. For goodness sake there were even articles damming her for cradling her baby boy while pregnant. Why? Because she dares to change the tabloids views on “proper conduct” and is paving the way for the modern woman to break free of the shackles and stand up for her rights. She constantly empowers women to use the voice that they were born with, and to be more than what society expects of you. She is a master of silent actions to make major waves. She is the powerhouse of her mind and the dictator of her soul, and she evokes the passion and fire in women around the world to achieve their goals and open their minds to a world without racism, oppression and the human rights of others respected and honoured. That woman did.

We look at women on the local level, your care workers, your doctors and nurses, your teachers and your women who silently keep your community alive and thriving. Your neighbours, your sisters, your mothers. We look into the eyes of these women and see not only their struggle, but their story. We see the light that keeps them shining. We see the passion they have for changing lives around them. From a child with a broken home, to a lonely pensioner looking for company. We see these women. We stand side by side with these women. Because we are these women. And these women did.

These women shaped our world. They gave us our rights. Our votes. Our passion. They fought so we could thrive. We honour these women and women like them by championing what they did. Because we have to know where we have been, to know where we are going. 

And with that brings “This Woman Did”. A celebration of women who did what they did so we can do what we do. They have made us laugh. They have made us cry. And made us love harder than we have before. And we salute them. We salute you. Because you did. And for that we thank you.

Look out for the launch in October.



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