Vegan Beauty with Tropic Skincare!


Word on the street is that there is a new kid in town causing a stir in the vegan beauty community. Who's that you may ask? Tropic Skincare

Now, for starters I wasn't hooked with the brand when I saw them, I thought that it was a typical MLM and that I wasn't going to dip my toe in its vegan organic ocean nevermind become a fully-fledged mermaid. HOWEVER, I was wrong. read that sentence over and over again as it's the last time I'll admit it. 

Yes. I admit it. I judged the brand prematurely. I mean sure I have heard about certain celeb fans of the brand but I wasn't really sold. Until I was contacted by a friend who told me to try it. 

It took a cleanse, a mask, and halfway through spritzing my face with a toner that I was sold. Literally. I was composing a laundry list of new favorites that I have sworn to myself that I will never let myself run out of. Okay, so I get the hype. 


The first night I received the pack I dived face-first into the world of face masks. All three of them to be exact. I spent a good hour or two indulging in the products, from the indulgent body scrub (hero product in my opinion) to the various oils and serums. 

The scent of the "smooth" range is a winner for me. Think sherbet lemons mixed with rich soothing oils. It was a dream! Dream I tell you! 

I can honestly say that the first time I showered with the products was the most indulgent and satisfying shower I've ever had. 

Throughout the night I took really good care in my skin, just taking the time to look after it and give it the nourishment that it deserves. And in the morning, well I'll let those results speak for themselves...

In the morning I woke up to the most insane glow, looking well-rested and having a great skin day. My eye bags were gone, my skin had that post-facial glow and I looked, well healthy. 

Okay, so pretty good overnight I thought. How could it get better? Well, it did! 

I found that by picking out my standout products from the line and incorporating it in with my pre-existing beauty regime I had a tailor-made skincare routine that felt it was made for me by some top dermatologist.

Like every range there were some products that I didn't get or see a difference, that's just personal preference. But the ones I did love? You bet they are in my product arsenal for the long run. 

So I’ve had a right good go at the products and here are my faves:

- glow berry serum
- fruit peel
hyaluronic acid serum
- body scrub
- face scrub
- eye bright
- eye dream

Products I noticed a gradual effect over time were:
- skin feast
- rice powder
- cleanser
- hydration mask

Products I didn’t get on with:

- blemish serum (I don’t have enough spots to notice it)
- super greens oil (for some reason my skin didn’t like it)
- age defy oil (my skin reacted a little with this, went a little red)

I think the ones that I haven’t seen a huge difference is because I’ve not used it long enough. However the faves have been fully incorporated into my routine and I love them. The ones I didn’t get on with I don’t necessarily don’t like, I again just think I need some more time with them.

But what I can say, it's been a wonderful 8 weeks with this new routine and my face is glowing from space. 
I think my best advice for something like this is to give them a try and see how you get on. Having a friend who knows so much about the products also helps. 

Looking for any recommendations? Leave a comment down below and I'll get back to you asap! 


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