The Wednesday Edit is a luxury lifestyle site that focuses on the simplicity of all things beautiful. May it be food (major foodie here), fashion or beauty, I look for things in my life that I can draw inspiration from. And hopefully, inspire others.

I believe that everyone in the world has the ability to go good and be fair, and that is what I would like to promote. I believe that we can be a forward thinking and an empowering community where we can all share ideas, inspiration and our talents to enhance our own well-being as well as others.

The Wednesday Edit isn't just a site for fashion and materialistic ideas. It's a site to relax, find something interesting to read, be inspired and go out and empower.

Although, we do have some great fashion and beauty posts that will surely make you want to spend your cash. 

To be 'vogue' means to be in fashion, trend, style. But I believe that can be interpreted in so many ways. I think that right now more things can be 'vogue'. Art, food, culture, and right down to plain ol' kindness. I genuinely believe that we have the power in our hands to raise a nation of kind and gentle people who all have the grace and elegance to drive the world into a better place.

Make it your mantra to be a kind person and the world will be kind to you. You are a beautiful person. And the world deserves to see your smile. 

Much love and good will

Mollie Rose

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